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Sexuality , marriage and family in the third millennium
Family Honor-Atlanta
MFP center Memphis & Kansas
Defending them all..without exception
Abortion and Psalm 139
Pope Paul VI right on contraception?
Nurturing network
Helping Mothers to become Mothers - Vicki Thorn
Elizabeth Ministry
After a vasectomy -reversal?
The Economy and 40 million missing
Operation Witness
and thousand of other topics...Have a ?, give a call


We promote respect of body, mind and soul.
By encouraging:

*the teaching on value of @ life
*respecting sexuality and natural law
*uplifting the human spirit
*sharing forgiveness
*promoting family as building block of civil society
*supporting fatherhood and motherhood
*understanding of stress, sin and emotional intelligence
*outreach of knowledge, experienced respectful pro life witness
*thus passing on the wisdom for generations

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