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Pregnant? Now What???
*Make good health care a priority.
Take an active role in your prenatal care.
Talk to others who have had a baby.
Include the father of the baby in the appointment with your chosen care provider.

Your baby depends on you for Oxygen, Nutrition and during its development.

Lower your chances of complications for you and your baby by stopping smoking and use of other drugs. (Over the counter and illicit use).Even reduce intake of caffeine.

Weight gain is an important factor in pregnancy, be sure it is (good) “baby weight”, not unnecessary gain, See to it that you and your baby get good nutrition.

Key nutrients during pregnancy are: Folic acid, Iron, Calcium, and Zinc ***, Omega-3 fatty acids.

Important to your diet: whole foods (unrefined, unprocessed), whole grains (brown rice, beans, long-cooking oatmeal, 100% whole grain breads, protein, fruits and vegetables and 6-8 glasses of water. Eliminate empty calories. Avoid sugars and sugar substitutes.

Exercise, regularity such as brisk walking, for you and your baby’s health and fitness. Avoid exhaustion, overheating, hazardous sports, heavy lifting, check with you healthcare provider.

Nurture yourself and your baby, avoid negativity, focus on positive thoughts, and get help to do this if necessary. If you need to find such contact a pregnancy help center in your area.

Avoid wood finishing products, gases and fumes, industrial and household cleaners, chemical and solvents, hot tubs or saunas, electric blankets.

Do wear cotton underwear, take prenatal vitamins, wear your seatbelt (position your lap belt under your abdomen), get enough sleep (8-9 hours/night), remember your baby is developing all sensations including hearing so talk to your baby and listen to music that soothes...

Whatever your situation is good to you and your baby, you will be happy you did.
*This information taken from: “Healthy Pregnancy, a quick and easy guide” distributed by Focus on the Family, see them for more information.
***Has your birth control pill depleted your zinc? (A? gleaned from the book- Sexual Chemistry by Dr. Ellen Grant.


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