Embracing abstinence on moral grounds is reaching adolescents with a positive message of hope, respect and future control. This is the better message. Sexual values of what is good and bad, right and wrong, important and unimportant and what is the definition of love, are the questions to be answered.

Because of the bonding that takes place when two people have sexual intimacy, most women and girls feel unloved and insecure when the relationship ends. Often they will go to the extent of building a wall around their heart to protect it from the pain of sexual involvement before the commitment of marriage. This wall not only blocks out the pain , but also blocks out the ability to experience true love, often resulting in stunted personal growth (because premature sex can hinder your identity development. All forms of sexual intimacy are “the language of marriage”. Roaming hands, removing clothing, doing something you would not do around someone you respect, arousing genital feelings and reducing your ability to make and carry out an intelligent decision, all interrupt “saving self till marriage”.

Making responsible decisions needs to include developing one’s character, personhood, and personality. Building to develop total humanness, not just genitocentric activity.

Either we give young people a coherent, integrated approach to the temptations of modern life, or else they will apply the least common ethical denominator to all the moral questions that confront them, as we have seen many do over the last 35 years.

Parents, take your responsibility and privilege home, let’s help you help your children, with in the context of developed family values.

Parents are responsible to make sure their children are protected from mistaken attitudes on sexual understanding and activities. When you do please include a moral dimension, present in a positive light and consider the differences between man and woman, with sensitivity as to are appropriate information.

Persons are called to love and commitment to others, to lives of personality with a moral perspective, building character is building a lover and one to be loved. Learning of virtue needed in waiting-faithfulness, self-control, modesty, good judgment, courage and genuine respect for self and others develops character. To be the kind of person who would make a good marriage partner and attract the kind of person you want to marry………………

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