Our guidelines for fund raising.

This ministry belongs to God. We are merely servants of the Lord.

We devote our energy to this work and will not be compensated in any monetary way for our efforts.

The Support sent to us will be our indication from the Lord that we are to continue this work.

We can not spend more money than we receive, and can not raise more than we need.

The contributions we receive are tax-deductible, you will receive a written receipt.

We also have “In memory of” and “congratulations on your new baby” cards which help support our cause.

We thank you for your past support in promoting moral values of our Heritage.

In this era of renewal we present our library of accumulated resources, over 20 years,
to our Metro community. Once again, with your support, we bring our principles forward and appeal of financial assist as we develop into an instrument of respect for our times.

It is our HOPE that as we are faithful in small things, great things can come of it in God’s name.
It is our FAITH that truth shall make people free from the culture of death for the culture of life.
It is our CHARITY that encourages us to pass on educational tools re: values of life, moral truths, and character. Conscience development, the Generations of today and tomorrow...

Today we do this with cassettes, books, videos, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, bookmarks, cards, presentations, displays and Internet. Who knows the methods of tomorrow? What we have now will be used in tomorrow’s development.

Help us keep it alive in a Library of Life and Love understanding with access, promotion and sharing of wisdom accumulated.

If we don’t who will??? Visit other informational links:


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